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Moving Yoga Online

Same as so many businesses around the globe The Yoga Life Studio in Eastbourne had to close their doors overnight due to the Covid19 pandemic. After the initial shock and fear of uncertain future and the health, mental and financial impact on our clients, teachers and the whole population there was no time to waste. We knew that we in some way still need to provide service for our clients, so many people rely on their yoga, breathing and meditation practice and for so many people their regular visit of the yoga studio is the highlight of their week. A time when they can recharge, refuel and clear their mind, ready for the daily challenges of our lives. We were determined to keep the studio open for our clients for as long as possible but that didn’t last very long.
Neither I nor the rest of the Yoga Life teachers are internet whiz kids so the prospect of teaching online was very daunting. Everything was very overwhelming and surreal but somehow overnight I managed to set up several online classes using Zoom, purchased a microphone and with the help of friends and family converted our studio into a recording space, complete with a big screen.
It was a steep learning curve for all of us! But with patience and determination we made it work. Our teachers set up a little support group and we all shared our online teaching experiences, dos and don’ts, had trial runs and asked our clients for feedback. We started to deliver several daily online classes, some from the studio and some from our teachers’ living rooms. We learnt so much! I cannot believe that only 2 weeks ago we didn’t know any of this and now we are all delivering classes to general public, online.
As well as our regular clients who were so happy to continue with their classes we reached a much wider audience. We could not believe the amount of people from all over the world who started joining our live yoga classes. We have participants from Guernsey, Denmark, France, Pakistan, Israel and even Australia! With numbers growing.
Our clients are so grateful that they can still join us online and be part of our fabulous community. After all that’s what people are missing most.. Contact with others and being able to connect. Now we feel that through providing online classes people can still see each other, wave and chat and take part in a class together. It is really important to me as a teacher that I can still help someone and make them feel better, calmer and happier.
We had some amazing feedback and so much gratitude from regulars and from complete strangers for us adapting to the current situation and still looking after our community that is now growing internationally. We will carry on uniting the international yoga community even after all this is over.
Looking for positives during this challenging time. Namaste

Eva Kristlova
Yoga Life Studio
For online class schedule follow

Join my YOGA Classes ONLINE

Dear Yogis
 I am very happy to offer ONLINE yoga classes via ZOOM.  Here is a weekly schedule with ZOOM links and Meeting IDs and passwords.
Just click on the highlighted ZOOM LINK and it will take you to the right location.  Or simply key in the ID number into the ZOOM app when prompted.  Please note – no need to click on the link until about 5-10 minutes before the class starts. If in doubt or/and have any questions please email me on
Timetable :
9.30am  Yoga with Eva  ZOOM LINK  ID – 119-958-302  Password – yogalife
1pm  Lunch Yoga with Eva  ZOOM LINK  ID – 818-983-720  Password – yogalife
12.30pm  Yoga for Construction  ZOOM LINK  ID – 290 353 951  Password – yogalife
12.45pm  Restorative Yoga with Eva  ZOOM LINK  ID – 254-301-149  Password – yogalife
2.00pm  Yoga Nidra with Eva  ZOOM LINK  ID – 975-384-217  Password – yogalife
11.00am  Yoga with Eva  ZOOM LINK  Meeting ID 806-929-0328  Password – yogalife
Payments by donation – very greatly appreciated – thank you xxx
Payment by :


Bank: 09-01-29 35062033


Stay well and in touch, I really love seeing you on the screen and  practicing together!


 Much Love Eva  xxx
PS – if you have a spare moment can you leave a review on ‘Best of Eastbourne‘? Thank you soooo much!!!


ONLINE Yoga Classes

Dear All,

I am very happy to bring you LIVE ONLINE classes during these challenging times (sorry no face to face classes running at the moment due to current world situation).  I tested them in last couple of days and I am happy to report they were great success! Not only our regular yogis joined the sessions but we also had lovely new participants from all over the world, too!

My online classes are delivered via ZOOM platform. All you need to do is to download the App and join our ‘Online Yogis’ mailing list so I can let you know what classes are running and when. To register please email us on and I will keep you up to date.

Lets keep the community spirit strong and connect at least virtually if not in person. Wishing you all good health, strength and positivity. We will get through this stronger and wiser.

Much love Eva xxx

Interview for the YOGA MAGAZINE

This summer I was interviewed for the YOGA MAGAZINE, feel free to have a read 😉


Nestled in the heart of Eastbourne’s ‘Little Chelsea’ is a beautiful and quirky loft space where the Yoga Life Studio has made its home. A place of tranquil calm and warm welcome for all, its manager Eva Kristlova is passionate about how yoga can help others and transform local communities. Hers is a mission of compassion and care – to meet people wherever they are and help them to discover their life purpose.


“Being real and following your true self is so important, being in your heart and not trying to be someone else. Connecting with who you are. Your authentic self.”


Eva, tell us a little about yourself – your journey so far …


I was born in Czechoslovakia and I grew up in a small community, surrounded by family and friends. I moved to the UK in 1996 and I really missed that sense of closeness and belonging, knowing that someone had my back. I began to search, hoping to recreate a community which is supportive, non-judgemental and open to everyone. After living and working in London for 7 years, I moved to East Sussex with my family. We now live in Exceat, right by the Cuckmere River between Eastbourne and Seaford and I work full time running the Yoga Life Studio and teaching yoga there and other locations in East Sussex.


How did you get involved with yoga?


I studied with the British Wheel of Yoga in Seaford, East Sussex under the tutelage of the wonderful Janet Bond. I cannot thank her enough for her discipline, dedication and trust in me. Even before I qualified, I started to teach at the Yoga Life Studio in Eastbourne, where I also undertook responsibility for its day-to-day running and met my firm friend and yoga partner, the inspirational Wenche Beard. With Wenche we have shared many special moments together – from opening the teacher training school here in Eastbourne to taking our students on life-changing yoga retreats in Greece and Egypt.


What do you enjoy most in life and in your yoga practice?


Spending time outdoors is a great passion of mine and I absolutely love taking people to unusual locations for yoga classes. Years ago, I started running a class on our local beach. At first, only one or two people came to join me; but now I am joined by a large and faithful group of like-minded yogis, some of whom will even change their work hours to come and join me! I am blessed and humbled to be surrounded by these people who come throughout the year, whatever the weather, to be part of our group, our community. The camaraderie is wonderful; we have rested in Savasana in 0° and paddled in the sea in the snow! We simply love being crazy yogis together!


We live in a beautiful place and I am lucky enough to live close to the stunning Seven Sisters where I regularly offer sunset yoga classes overlooking some of Sussex’s most famous landmarks – the white cliffs, the oxbow lakes of the Cuckmere River and the gorgeous English Channel. When I am not on dry land, I take the more adventurous yogis on the river for some SUP yoga which is so much fun!


In my classes I like to inject a bit of lightness and fun. Life is serious enough so I want to give my students a sense of freedom and playfulness. I recently started teaching on a local Alpaca Farm! The Alpacas are unbelievably cute and the therapeutic effect of combining a gentle yoga class in the presence of these beautiful animals makes everyone so calm, happy and connected to nature, it’s very special.


Tell us a bit about the Yoga Life Studio and what you offer …


The studio is tucked away in a converted stable block in a quiet and popular area of Eastbourne. We only relocated this year so this is a new and exciting chapter for us all. We offer a wonderful selection of classes that attract many yogis, both locally and from further afield. Our classes are open to all – from complete beginners to seasoned yogis. Our classes range from gentle Hatha yoga to more powerful Vinyasa Flow. We have antenatal and postnatal classes for new mothers and fun aerial yoga sessions too; and plenty more besides! We also host so many wonderful courses and special events. We are home to the Yoga Life Teacher Training course which is facilitated by Wenche and myself (the next one starts April 2020); Yogabeats with the David Sye Foundation; Yin, Yoga and Cake; Cacao Ceremonies and more!


My vision for Yoga Life is rooted in my deep sense of community. I want to be of service to others and create a welcoming and safe space for people to come to, where friendships are formed and beautiful connections are made (even if it is just with yourself). I want our space to be sanctuary where everyone is welcome to come and be part of our yoga family. We run drop in sessions for all and community sessions which are facilitated by volunteer teachers where all donations received go directly to local charities which help those who are most vulnerable in our local area. We also love to take part in free events in and around Eastbourne – recently I have been at the Beach Life festival here in Eastbourne, offering free yoga sessions on the seafront which was a great success.


I am just starting to realise how many people’s lives we are making better, how what we do here matters. I believe that sharing yoga is a real privilege and a gift that we can pass on to others. Our clients can see how much we love what we do and knowing that we can make a difference to someone’s life is the ultimate reward. Yoga is all about sharing and giving; living in the way that makes you and everyone around you feel good. If you want to be happy then give!


The Yoga Life Studio is based at The Stables, 25 South Street, Eastbourne – please feel free and welcome to come and receive a big yoga hug!







Yoga in the Yurt – Stone Cross

In the heart of the East Sussex countryside is The Well Being Centre which is a wonderful healing place and somewhere I love to go. There are two yurts, one for classes and one for treatments (massage, healing etc). The setting is idyllic, surrounded by wildflowers, herbs, fields of sheep and a friendly grey horse called Smurf – the owners are so lovely and are regulars to my classes as well! It truly is a hidden gem, only fifteen minutes outside of the busy town of Eastbourne!

In the yurt you can feel the wind blowing into the canvas, you can hear the rain tapping on the roof, you see ladybirds and spiders on your mat, you hear the sheep calling and birds singing, it is truly beautiful. In the winter we have a wood burner to keep us warm and the gentle pop and crackle of the fire is so soothing and in the summer, we lift the sides of the tent so we can enjoy the warm sunshine and cool breeze as we practise.

My class at the yurt is full of loyal and supportive yogis who turn up no matter what the weather and in return they are treated to a gentle relaxing class concluded by a deep relaxation time, enhanced by my crystal bowls to seal our special time together.

There is a common theme running throughout all of my outdoor (and regular indoor) classes. The key principles of community, support, love and kindness to all are integral to what I am trying to achieve. Yoga is not about performing the postures perfectly and looking hot on your Instagram feed. Yoga is about being present, mindful and kind to yourself and those around you. Creating and being a part of a yoga community is like meeting a whole new family and this is at the very heart of all I do here at the Yoga Life Studio. Come and join me and find out for yourself!

SUP and Yoga in Cuckmere Valley

SUP yoga – Cuckmere Valley

 What do we do when we want to spice our practice up? We head to the river, of course; and not just any river – the beautiful River Cuckmere in the Cuckmere Valley, made up of a gentle meander and several oxbow lakes – absolutely perfect for SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) combined with a few yoga moves for those who are feeling adventurous!

I take groups of around twenty people on the river at one time and we all have an absolute blast. Before we climb onboard, I explain how to get on and off the board, how to stand up (Downward Facing Dog or Yogic Squat are my preferred options) and how to get back down if balance deserts us! We all wear life jackets but luckily the water is fairly shallow so it is a nice, safe experience for all and it wouldn’t be a complete experience without falling in a couple of times anyway!

Paddleboarding is an amazing way to strengthen your core, which is essential to all yoga practice. There is a method to staying centred and balanced; and moving gently on the water is the ultimate mediation. The key to paddleboarding is the same as yoga – you need to stay present, focussed and soft, going with the flow of the river. If you start moving too much and lose that focus, you are sure to end up in the water!

As for yoga on the paddleboard, it is not as hard as you would think! Once you have mastered simple balance; Bridge pose, Cat/Cow stretch, Cobra, Downward Dog and even the Boat and Child poses and Seated Spinal Twist should be safe and easy enough to try without falling in. One of highlights however is just resting in Savasana on your SUP. Imagine just lying there, the river gently carrying you while you watch the soft fluffy clouds and listen to the restful sounds of nature all around you. Sheer bliss. The experience this gives you is out of this world. You will feel alive, inspired and free all at the same time!

My favourite times on the river are sunrise and sunset. I offer small, intimate sessions for one or two people to come and experience these special times of day with me. We take our SUPs out onto the river together which is quiet and peaceful at these times, no other people, just the calm water, the wildlife and the breeze and we meditate together, watching the sky changing from pink to blue with only each other for company. This is the ultimate beginning or end to your day, so peaceful and nourishing; there is nothing better!

Just a little highlight of my paddleboarding life … I was once floating on the river when I saw a sheep in distress who had fallen into the river! My first thought was to call the farmer but I knew that might be too late for the poor sheep, so I thought maybe the sheep could climb on my board! I stopped my board next to the poor thing and patted it, like you would for a dog, encouraging it to climb aboard … and it did! From there I managed to get it to the grassy bank and to safety. I think we were both a bit shocked but the sheep was safe. From then on, I have always been on the lookout for any sheep that might need rescuing.


Zen Do by the Sea

Did you know that there is a new style of pre wedding partying?  Forget the Hen Do and say Namaste to Zen Do! Mindfulness, yoga, beautiful scenery, nature walks, meditation and connections on totally different level.

Calm the pre wedding nerves, let go of planning and organising; instead invite peace and tranquillity into your day, soothe the nervous system and prepare for the big day.  Just what everyone needs right? And not only the bride to be, but all involved!

I had the pleasure of organising such a hen/zen do for one of the London yoga teachers, Sarah,  who wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city and brought her party to the East Sussex Coast, the beautiful Seven Sisters Country park.

This is what happened on the day:

I met the hen party in the morning and we took a leisurely walk across the rolling hills of South Downs to our special yoga spot overlooking the Cuckmere River.  We were met by several curious sheep who observed our yoga practice with a great level of interest. The views were absolutely stunning, the sun was shining and the girls started to switch from busy to zen.  Gentle mindful class, fun partner work and blissful relaxation were needed by all.

After the yoga practice we continued our journey to the beach, where we laid our mats on the pebbles and got creative. We used our bodies to create different words, such as LOVE, ZEN DO and SARAH. Out came the goody bags with little bottles of bubbly and various well being bits and bobs, we all cheered for the bride to be and enjoyed some down time on our stunning beach.  Sun was shining and it was a lovely treat for those who don’t live on the coast!

Lunch was booked at the local country pub and after our hearty meal we could not wait to try some paddle boarding! Testing our balance on the water, trying to stay dry and not falling in the river was great fun! The girls set off on their boards giggling, happy and ready for challenge.

The day finished with Yoga Nidra and cake that we all shared on our picnic blankets set up by the river. Even the cup cakes had little yoga figures stick men drawn in icing, made by the bride! Perfect end to a perfect day and fun memories to treasure for ever,

No hungover – instead a feeling of being completely recharged and high on the fresh air, yoga, prana, friendships and love! I think this is definitely way to go and can’t wait to organise another Zen Do.

Come and have a zen day by the sea (no wedding necessary!) – I will look after you 🙂



Beautiful testimony from one of my special students – Thank you!

It’s thanks to Eva that I ever came to and continued the wonderful and magical practice of yoga. I often wondered if I hadn’t gone to her for my first class and if so many of her other students hadn’t gone to such an incredible teacher who was so welcoming and kind  would we have continued this life affirming practice of yoga with such enthusiasm over the years. Eva’s enthusiasm is contagious and she has a huge warm smile to everyone she meets and she radiates positivity. A quote by Roy T Bennett sums her up perfectly as she does this everyday to anyone and everyone who she meets ‘Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.’

She embodies the yogic principles on and off the mat running a mixture of classes including classes for the local community where all the proceeds go to the Yoga Beats charity which help Palestinians and Israelis caught in the conflict and selection of other local charities that Yoga Life Studio supports.

Eva has a deep affinity with nature and a lot of her yoga classes take place in the great outdoors. Some of my highlights of Eva’s unique yoga classes this year so far include watching the sunset whilst in the Warrior One pose surrounded by adorable ‘baaing sheep’, feeling a deep sense of peace paddle boarding on a silent river followed by a tranquil yoga class feeling the grass beneath our feet and an ‘alpaca yoga class’ that took place in a farm where during Savasana you could hear the alpacas feet walking in between the group. In a digital world where we need yoga more than ever for a connection to ourselves, nature and each other Eva’s classes are the perfect remedy and the perfect chance to just slow down and be yourself.

Georgina Warrick


Have you tried Alpaca Yoga?

There is a very special farm in Selmeston… Alpacas, ponies, sheep, pigs and chicken live here..together with their loving human family. When the owners of Jijies Rest Alpaca Farm contacted me asking if I would consider running a yoga class with alpacas there I didn’t have to think long, immediately I said ‘of course I will’!

The alpacas are super friendly and cute, all 25 of them including 5 babies! They are really curious about all that we do and love the food that we bring them (its  a bucket full of muesli) Each time we come to the farm they get a bit more friendly and adventurous, we can hear their soft steps around our mats, they sniff our backs when we rest in Balasana, they watch us carefully when we come up into our Tree pose. I am sure they will strike a pose one day soon too!

We are keeping the class limited to 10 participants to ensure a really special and therapeutic effect for both the animals and our yogis.

The highlight of the class is arriving on the farm, walking towards the alpaca field and  as soon as they spot us they start running towards us greeting us and lining up curiously  observing us with their beautiful big eyes  and waiting to be fed.  Once we settle on our mats they join our circle as if they are planning to practice with us.  They have the funniest and totally adorable faces! As my yogis say this is the best class around, you will leave totally high, smiling from ear to ear and completely recharged. The healing power of yoga and animals!

SUP with me!

It’s that time of the year again when we love to be near the water and enjoy the sunshine. And what a better way to take in the natural beauty of our countryside than from a safety of a paddle board (lol).

I am now offering private Sunrise and Sunset SUP sessions with Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga thrown in – but if you prefer I can just take you for a ride! I will create a bespoke session to suit you, I can’t guarantee that you won’t fall in but I can promise you an amazing time!

Some of the benefits will include:

Private time on the river and stunning scenery

You will learn to stand up and operate the paddle board

Completely switching off – you need to focus on your balance so there is no time to worry about anything else

Good workout for your core, legs, arms; focusing on balance

Beautiful photos that will be sent to you


I offer 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 sessions, weather permitting. Location is the Cuckmere Valley BN25 4AD

For more details email me on

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