It’s thanks to Eva that I ever came to and continued the wonderful and magical practice of yoga. I often wondered if I hadn’t gone to her for my first class and if so many of her other students hadn’t gone to such an incredible teacher who was so welcoming and kind  would we have continued this life affirming practice of yoga with such enthusiasm over the years. Eva’s enthusiasm is contagious and she has a huge warm smile to everyone she meets and she radiates positivity. A quote by Roy T Bennett sums her up perfectly as she does this everyday to anyone and everyone who she meets ‘Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.’

She embodies the yogic principles on and off the mat running a mixture of classes including classes for the local community where all the proceeds go to the Yoga Beats charity which help Palestinians and Israelis caught in the conflict and selection of other local charities that Yoga Life Studio supports.

Eva has a deep affinity with nature and a lot of her yoga classes take place in the great outdoors. Some of my highlights of Eva’s unique yoga classes this year so far include watching the sunset whilst in the Warrior One pose surrounded by adorable ‘baaing sheep’, feeling a deep sense of peace paddle boarding on a silent river followed by a tranquil yoga class feeling the grass beneath our feet and an ‘alpaca yoga class’ that took place in a farm where during Savasana you could hear the alpacas feet walking in between the group. In a digital world where we need yoga more than ever for a connection to ourselves, nature and each other Eva’s classes are the perfect remedy and the perfect chance to just slow down and be yourself.

Georgina Warrick