In the heart of the East Sussex countryside is The Well Being Centre which is a wonderful healing place and somewhere I love to go. There are two yurts, one for classes and one for treatments (massage, healing etc). The setting is idyllic, surrounded by wildflowers, herbs, fields of sheep and a friendly grey horse called Smurf – the owners are so lovely and are regulars to my classes as well! It truly is a hidden gem, only fifteen minutes outside of the busy town of Eastbourne!

In the yurt you can feel the wind blowing into the canvas, you can hear the rain tapping on the roof, you see ladybirds and spiders on your mat, you hear the sheep calling and birds singing, it is truly beautiful. In the winter we have a wood burner to keep us warm and the gentle pop and crackle of the fire is so soothing and in the summer, we lift the sides of the tent so we can enjoy the warm sunshine and cool breeze as we practise.

My class at the yurt is full of loyal and supportive yogis who turn up no matter what the weather and in return they are treated to a gentle relaxing class concluded by a deep relaxation time, enhanced by my crystal bowls to seal our special time together.

There is a common theme running throughout all of my outdoor (and regular indoor) classes. The key principles of community, support, love and kindness to all are integral to what I am trying to achieve. Yoga is not about performing the postures perfectly and looking hot on your Instagram feed. Yoga is about being present, mindful and kind to yourself and those around you. Creating and being a part of a yoga community is like meeting a whole new family and this is at the very heart of all I do here at the Yoga Life Studio. Come and join me and find out for yourself!