Hi there, this is a little interview I did for the Yoga Life Studio:

Can you tell us what we can expect in your class?

Everyone is welcome. Everyone is unique. Everyone is on the mat for some reason. Come to my class and be you, enjoy your own practice, listen to your body, follow your breath.  We will go on a journey together, to release stress and pressure of every day life, to let go of any negative feelings and emotions, to connect with our breath, body, mind, spirit. We will get strong, flexible, focused and beautifully relaxed. We will do all that and we will love it.

You can expect the following in these classes:

Beach yoga – elements: sun, wind, sea, earth, ether. Dog yogis; beautiful shiny people. Raw beauty, fresh energy

Aerial Yoga – fun, strength, inversions, swinging, laughter, comedy moments

Family Yoga – kids playing, kids swinging, beauty, connections, love, togetherness, chaos

Mummy yoga – time out, relaxation for mums, babies, unconditional love, understanding, support

Yurt Yoga – fire, earth, yurt yogis, mats in circle, crystal bowl, horses, birds, serenity

Restorative Yoga – bolsters, blankets, cushions, eye pillows, comfort, snooze

Meditation – calm, breathing, just be, chant, peace, time out

Yoga for all – ALL OF THE ABOVE


When did you first realise that you wanted to be a yoga teacher? What was the wow moment if any?

I guess when I was a new mum and in a desperate need of something that was just for me, without any demands of others. A little sanctuary to recharge and just be ME again. Through experiencing all these feelings and emotional rollercoaster of being a new parent I figured out it can’t be just me feeling like this.  That’s why I wanted to create a supportive environment for new parents to come and practice yoga with their babies present but without any pressure  – for the baby to be quiet, take part or be certain way. I wanted the new mums to just come, feel supported, connect with others and just be themselves again.  Just lie down and breathe, slow down and put yourselves first for a moment. So that’s why I wanted to become a yoga teacher… To help others feel good again.

Where is your favourite place to practice?

Definitely Eastbourne beach, listening to the waves and birds and sharing a mat with my dog. In the yoga yurt feeling such a close connection with the earth there – it is a very special place. And of course Yoga Life Studio, where it all started J

 Have you got any advice for new students?

Just do it! Come with an open mind, let go of any expectations and let the practice take you on a journey… to yourself.  Make the practice your own, don’t worry about others and most of all don’t feel under any pressure to perform, compete, get into challenging postures or please the teacher. Do what feels good for You. If you are tired – rest. Feel your body moving, feel your breath flowing, slow down.  No judgement. Be really kind to yourself, enjoy it and embrace it! It is your own unique experience.

Also try few different classes and teachers and make your own mind up – each class is different.  Make connections and go wherever you feel good!

I hear lots of people say ‘I am too …….. for yoga (fill the dots). If you can breathe you can do yoga! Yoga is not only about moving our physical body. It is about stilling our mind, controlling our breath, switching off, being kind – to ourselves and others.

You love yoga because…

It helps you to find YOU. It feels damn good. It helps you overcome fears, makes you stronger, more confident, it reminds you to breathe and live in the present moment. It makes you wonder… it makes you feel alive.

What is your favourite yoga posture/practice and why?

This can vary from day to day but without thinking about it the cat & cow stretch jumps to mind, where the spine gets a wonderful stretch, energy starts flowing through the body and when we switch our busy minds off and just follow the breath this can become a wonderful moving meditation. It also releases back pain and works on your abs!

When outdoors or during my self practice I love few rounds of Sun Salutations, awakening my whole body and connecting with my breath, no thinking, just going with the flow and feeling alive.

Restorative practice with the use of bolsters is pure heaven, the slow pace, peaceful atmosphere and soft support works wonders.

Relaxation! Even though it was challenging for me at start (restless mind) now I can’t get enough when I am lucky enough to go to a class. In the meantime I am successfully hypnotising myself and others in my own classes J LOL.

 Can you share 3 interesting facts about yourself?

I spent a night at the police station when I was 4 – got nicked for wandering the streets in my pyjamas and would not tell the officer my name – not talking to strangers! Yes… dad found me, eventually!

My son says I should play football for England Woman’s Team (in his eyes I am a good footballer!)

I once let my sister and a friend to shave half of my head.  Seemed like a good idea that evening, but lots of tears in the morning… (those were the days!)

 What is your personal motto or favourite quote?

Live and let live.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.

Basically – follow your dreams!

And also.. You are only one step away from changing your life..!

Too many coming to mind now!

Eva Kristlova