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Restorative Yoga – What is it all about?

As some of you know I love delivering (and receiving) a slow, restorative yoga practice. What is it all about you ask? Here is my article I wrote for the OM Yoga Magazine (May 2021 issue) .   “Restorative yoga is a restful yoga for stressful times.  This is...

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Coming out of Yoga hibernation

With the lockdown rules in the UK now relaxing it was with a great excitement and anticipation to learn that we are now once again able to run yoga classes outside, and with up to 30 people including the teacher!   Our group of Eastbourne beach yogis, who have...

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Make it happen in your business

I am super thrilled to share with you my article for the OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine!  I was asked to provide 7 tips on how to run a yoga business in the current climate, which to be honest is not always easy! You might know that I run a beautiful yoga space, the...

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ONLINE classes

As so many yoga teachers for now I too had to move all of my classes online.  It is actually pretty cool and I am so grateful that we are still able to stay connected and practice together. I have regular ZOOM classes, that anyone can join. Just ask me for the zoom...

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Outdoor classes featured in the YOGA Magazine

I was totally overwhelmed by this fantastic feature in the November issue of the YOGA Magazine.  They published my articles about all of my outdoor classes, including beach yoga, yoga with alpacas, paddle boarding, my classes in Cuckmere and in the Yurt.  For ever...

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The Power of Intention

At the beginning of a yoga class your teacher may say to you take a few moments here to set a Sankalpa an intention for your practice, something that you wish to bring more of into your life or something you would like to work towards during your practice. We can use...

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Article in the Spectrum Magazine

By Deana Morris (Editor of Spectrum) and Eva Kristlova When I sat down with yoga studio owner Eva Kristlova, to interview her about the business of running a studio, life was very different. We were sitting in a café. We were talking about community and how she’d had...

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Quick Yoga Sequence for Balance and Strength

After spending lots of time indoors it feels so great to stretch the legs and test our balance. You can practice yoga literally anytime and anywhere, without a mat and props, even wearing trainers. As long as we can breathe we can practice yoga! Practising yoga...

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Mind Games

Be mindful of your mind – it can be positive and encouraging one minute and negative and looking for obstacles and ways to discourage you the next.  Deep down we all know that the mind is not always right, it can obscure the reality as it is trying to be our master. ...

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Moving Yoga Online

Same as so many businesses around the globe The Yoga Life Studio in Eastbourne had to close their doors overnight due to the Covid19 pandemic. After the initial shock and fear of uncertain future and the health, mental and financial impact on our clients, teachers and...

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Join my YOGA Classes ONLINE

Dear Yogis  I am very happy to offer ONLINE yoga classes via ZOOM.  Here is a weekly schedule with ZOOM links and Meeting IDs and passwords. Just click on the highlighted ZOOM LINK and it will take you to the right location.  Or simply key in the ID number into the...

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